5 Casino Products That Will Up the Ante!

  • Aug 11, 2023

Casinos are synonymous with excitement, luxury, and the thrill of gambling. Regarding promotional products for a casino night, you want to capture that same energy and leave a lasting impression on your guests. From personalized chips to playing card decks, we've compiled a list of five casino-related promotional products that will impress your clientele.

So, let's shuffle the deck and deal out some promotional power!

poker chip

Customized Casino Chips

What better way to make your guests feel like high rollers than by offering them personalized casino chips? Customized chips featuring your casino's logo or a unique design are fantastic promotional items that add exclusivity. These chips can be used during gameplay or as a keepsake for guests to remember an exciting casino experience long after they leave.


Branded Playing Card Decks

A deck of playing cards is a timeless and universally loved item. Customizing a deck of cards with your company's logo or artwork creates a lasting reminder of the fun and entertainment. Whether guests use them for poker nights or keep them as collectibles, branded playing card decks are a great way to extend your casino's brand reach beyond the gaming floor.


Gaming Dice

You can't have a casino night without dice! To show off your business logo, look no further than fun dice! Coming in multiple colors, gaming dice are essential to a fun game night. Guests can take them home as a reminder of a successful fundraiser!

poker set

Keepsake Poker Set

As a prize, have an engraved poker set! Your guests will love to take home a one-of-a-kind poker set as a reminder of a great fundraising night! The set includes 300 chips, two decks of cards, and five dice.


Cocktail Tumblers or Shot Glasses

Raise the bar and elevate your promotional product game by offering casino-themed drinkware. Cocktail tumblers or shot glasses adorned with your logo or casino name will add a touch of sophistication to any drinkware collection. Not only will these items be used during special events or home gatherings, but they will also help spread the word about your casino when guests show them off to friends and family.



Promotional products can create lasting impressions and generate word-of-mouth marketing for your casino night. These promotional items serve as reminders of their thrilling adventures and as practical marketing tools, attracting new customers and creating a sense of loyalty among existing ones.


So, go ahead and raise the stakes and give us a call today!

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